General conditions for providing access to the STN-online service

General conditions for providing access to the STN-online service

Slovak technical standards (hereinafter referred to as "STN") and technical standardization information (hereinafter referred to as "TNI") are protected by Act No. 60/2018 Coll. on technical standardization as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Technical Standardization Act").

STN and TNI or their parts may not be according to § 14 par. 2 and 3 of the Act on Technical Standardization reproduced or expanded without the consent of the ÚNMS SR.

ÚNMS SR is the exclusive provider of STN and TNI in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

STN and TNI in PDF format are located on the provider's WWW server.

STN and TNI are provided to users of the STN-online service in PDC format. A PDC file is a protected PDF file created with Safeguard PDF Security, protected by encryption and DRM copy controls by Locklizard.

We provide STN and TNI in PDC format in three forms:

a) for reading (without the possibility of printing, transferring text or images);
b) for reading, with the possibility of transferring text or images* without the possibility of printing;
c) with the option of printing, transferring text or images*.

*The term "transmission of text and images" means taking a picture or print screen of the screen or display on the given device.

To view STN and TNI, the provider requires the use of free Locklizard Viewer software with an active license. The necessary software can be downloaded here (ZIP, 52,3 MB).

Access to the PDC files is secured through the https protocol and is subject to authentication, whereby authentication means verification of the identity of the registered user by checking the assigned access data.

To protect PDC files, technical elements are used that prevent unauthorized access to STN
and TNI, while the protection system requires user access to the Internet.

Supported operating systems are: Windows 10 and above, Android 5.0 and above, Mac OSX 10.8 (64 bit)
and above, iOS 9.1 and above.

PDC files must be downloaded to the user's disk, while opening the files is only possible in online mode. Files cannot be opened in offline mode.
The term online mode means that the user's device is connected to the Internet when the standard is opened. The term offline mode means that the user's device is not connected to the Internet at the given moment.

The condition of access for each receiving user is agreement with the terms of use of the STN-online service, which they must agree to when logging in to the STN-online service for the first time.

An access with printing is considered to be the possibility of printing the entire standard in one printing batch for 1 access, while both complete and incomplete prints are counted when printing is started.

Access with the transfer of text or graphics is considered to be the possibility to make a "print screen" of the screen or display on the given device.

The access name to the system is the user's e-mail address, and the access password is generated by the system and sent automatically by e-mail.

Access to the STN-online service is provided through the STN and TNI list that is displayed
on the provider's website via search.

The user can open the downloaded files through the Locklizard Viewer program only on his local device (the term local device means a workstation on which PDC files are directly opened and which does not provide a network service for simultaneous access from several devices).

The user has the right to use the made available STN on the relevant device that he chooses and on which he will open the PDC files by activating the license and opening the relevant PDC file on it. This means that his license is registered in the STN-online system.

The user has the right to have one backup device registered under the same login name.

The user may not take any steps to remove protective elements in the PDC file, nor may he take any steps to decrypt the PDC or other activities aimed at disrupting the system and its protection, and is obliged to store access data against loss or misuse.

In the event that there is a change in the hardware, software or device settings of the user of the STN-online system, which requires the registration of a license for access to standards, the user requests the administrator of the STN-online system via e-mail to unblock his registered license in the system. The STN-online system administrator will then release the license
in the system within three working days at the latest. The user can then re-register the license
to access the standards on your device.