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Name: STN EN 1366-1+A1
Validity: Withdrawn
Number of pages: 52
Paper: 21,40€
Electronic version a) Only read (without ability to print and copy) 19,26€
b) Without ability to print, with ability to copy (printscreen) 21,40€
c) With ability to print and copy (printscreen) 27,82€
Slovak title Skúšanie požiarnej odolnosti prevádzkových zariadení. Časť 1: Vzduchotechnické potrubia
English title Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 1: Ventilation ducts
Release Date: 01. 03. 2021
Date of withdrawal: 01. 05. 2022
ICS: 13.220.50, 91.140.30
Sorting character/National clasification code 92 0811
Level of incorporation: idt EN 1366-1:2014+A1:2020
Official Journal 02/21
Replaced by: STN EN 1366-1+A1:2022-05 (92 0811)
Repleces: STN EN 1366-1:2016-02 (92 0811)
Note in Official Journal:
Subject of the standard: This Part of EN 1366 specifies a method for determining the fire resistance of vertical and horizontal ventilation ducts including those access panels, which are integral part of the tested ducts. The test examines the behaviour of ducts exposed to fire from the outside (duct A) and fire inside the duct (duct B). This Standard is used in conjunction with EN1363-1. Annex A provides general guidance and gives background information. This European Standard is not applicable to: a) ducts whose fire resistance depends on the fire resistance performance of a ceiling or wall(where ducts are located in cavities enclosed by fire-resistant shafts or ceilings); b) ducts containing fire dampers at points where they pass through fire separations; c) one, two or three sided ducts; d) fixing of suspension devices (e.g. anchors) to floors or walls.
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